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Meet an international community of students and faculty who address world challenges



Having impact both inside and outside of the classroom

  • Alumni Perspective: Jitka Grundmanova '13

    "Studying at SIPA and living in NY, made me realize that the best way for me to make impact is working in the private sector."

  • Alumni Perspective: Pushkar Sharma MIA '13

    "I've wanted to work at the UN since I was twelve years old."

  • Alumni Perspective: Itay Gefen MIA '14

    "Two years ago, I never would have thought I would work in the start-up scene in New York"

  • Alumni Perspective: Rina Lila MIA '15

    "From a very young age I saw the power of education can transform peoples' lives."

  • Alumni Perspective: Adam Scher MPA '13

    "As a leader you're not just trying to develop more followers, you’re trying to empower the people around you."


SIPA Students Show Each Other the World

Miguel Barros Brito MIA '16

Hometown: Lisbon, Portugal

Before SIPA: Worked in private sector renewables and as an adviser at the European Union delegation to the United Nations

Goals: Renewable energy consulting

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Molly Gordon MIA '16

Hometown: Berkeley, California

Before SIPA: Israel Government Fellow, Israel Patent Office, Ministry of Justice, Jerusalem

Goals: Career in risk analysis and diplomacy.

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Hiroki Ichikawa MIA '16

Hometown: Aichi, Japan

Before SIPA: Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI)

Goals: Work at METI on economic and international trade policies to stimulate the Japanese economy.

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Policy Knowledge in Action

Eva Lerner MPA '15

Hometown: Palo Alto, California

Before SIPA: Housing and resources specialist at Inspiration Corporation

Goals: Human rights advocacy and program implementation and evaluation, particularly in the areas of transitional justice, and business and human rights.

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Lydia Tomkiw MIA '15

Hometown: Fair Oaks, California

Before SIPA: Worked as a journalist in Jakarta, Indonesia, and Washington, D.C., with a focus on international affairs

Goals: Continue working in international media and focus on press freedom worldwide.

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Aanchal Bhatia MPA '15

Hometown: Princeton, New Jersey

Before SIPA: Credit risk analyst at Citibank

Goals: Work at a development bank

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Rebeca Moreno Jiménez MPA '15

Hometown: Ensenada, Mexico

Before SIPA: Worked at the World Bank in the Mexico country office for five years

Goals: ICT and innovation management for humanitarian affairs and development projects; working with and for refugees.

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Marijke Schouten MIA '15

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Before SIPA: Conditional cash transfers in Indonesia for Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Goals: Work on health and education interventions to alleviate poverty and build human capital.

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From the mining villages of Colombia to the streets of Washington D.C., SIPA students travel the world in pursuit of their dream internships.

Lotta Segerstrom MIA '15

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden

Before SIPA: Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Goals: Work on sustainable and responsible resource extraction in post-conflict societies.

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Jake Miner MPA '15

Hometown: Bethel, CT

Before SIPA: George Washington University 2014, Fulbright Scholar - Morocco

Goals: U.S. Foreign Service Officer

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Boris Maguire MPA-DP '15

Hometown: Belmont, MA

Before SIPA: Media Development

Goals: Design and manage ICT for development projects

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Julia Fiske Anderson MIA '15

Hometown: Seaside, Florida

Before SIPA: Mass Atrocity and Human Trafficking Prevention Foundation

Goals: Work in Washington, D.C. on security and human rights in low-intensity conflicts

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The life of a SIPA student, in New York City, one day at a time.

Kevin Gong MPA '15

Hometown: San Diego, California

Before SIPA: TEDxBerkeley Organizer

Goals: Transform how citizens engage with urban environments through interactive art and technology projects.

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Tamim Asey MPA '15

Hometown: Kabul, Afghanistan

Before SIPA: Director of Public Affairs at Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, Afghanistan

Goals: To unlock the economic and energy potential of South and Central Asia through serving in the region in private and public sector.

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Kiara Reed MIA/MBA '16

Hometown: Queens Village, NY

Before SIPA: Economics and Political Science Double Major at Columbia University and International Sales Planning at Ralph Lauren

Goals: After graduation, I’d like to work in a position that allows me to integrate social impact within the ever changing business landscape. My long-term goals are to work as a public official focusing on economic development and urban affairs.

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Pallavi Sekhri MPA-DP '15

Hometown: London, England

Before SIPA: Lawyer with Allen & Overy LLP, Policy Advisor to Rwandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Goals: Combine my love for law and international relations with mindfulness and become a peace mediator. In the meantime, continue to work at the UN in order to deepen my knowledge of diplomacy, state building and crisis management.

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Diana Guzman MPA '16

Hometown: Cali, Colombia

Before SIPA: Senior Treasury Analyst at General Electric Capital

Goals: Apply my private sector skills and passion for social change to the growing field of Social Entrepreneurship

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Lindsay Litowitz MIA '14

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Before SIPA: TEDx Organizer, Director of Communications at Jerusalem Venture Partners

Goals: Launch and scale Terranga, a social enterprise that I co-founded with a fellow SIPA student. We’re building a mobile peer-to-peer platform that connects travelers looking for authentic experiences with locals around the world.

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